cooking class

It was one of the lazy Sunday afternoons, a couple of weeks ago. A few arrangements and there we go, four of us, ready to face the challenge of cooking Vietnamese dishes. It’s up to us to decide what we want to cook so our choice is spring rolls, banh xeo ( a sort of pancake, usually with shrimps and beef; this time it’s vegetarian though) and com tam ( broken rice plus different sides). We arrive very hungry and immediately start off with the spring rolls that come out delicious. To our surprise to every dish we need to ad small crystals of MSG, one of the ‘E(number)’ food additives that we find in some common packaged foods available from any shop. They tell as that MSG is used here in Vietnam in everyday cooking, so that is what we are fed on, since the very first day we are here. Ban Xeo is good too, not as good though, as the one from our favourite banxeo lady on our street. Com tam is our least favourite dish, although fried tofu with lemon grass on top is a surprisingly tasty combination. 

Overall, the whole cooking experience was good, very friendly staff, and I hope we will be able to recreate at least one of those dishes when back in Europe.






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