time to go

We have been looking forward to this side of Vietnam since we arrived in Ho Chi Minh eight months ago. So we went there, experienced it all, hiking, boating, meeting local people, discovering new tastes.

Sapa and its surroundings, was not only about breath taking sites, but mostly about people we have met. Kind, generous and smiley, despite not easy life circumstances they are in.

Ninh Binh. The boiling weather kept us hiding somewhere underneath fans and air-cons for entire mornings and early afternoons. Cooler air later on in the afternoon made us explore more on our bikes. The moments to remember.

I’m happy to end my Vietnamese experience right there, waiting for more of Pieter’s stories and photos of this amazing country.


The view overlooking Sapa. On our way to one of the ‘tribe’ villages.


We meet a lot of children on our way. They all play outside, in mud, lakes or trees. “It’s happiness’ you may think, but they do not smile a lot.


Our lovely guide ladies: Zuzu and Mama Gin. We couldn’t be more lucky to have met them.


‘ I used to live there (pointing), but now I’ve got a new house over there’ explains Mama Gin. Later she tells us that it’s a house given to her by a Canadian charity, which supports the poorest families in this region.


Those children took the baby birds away from their mother nests and fed them, trying to domesticate them.


Pieter’s new friend found his favourite spot on Pieter’s shoulders while they explore the village together.


Working on a rice field.


The smallest baby in the family in the house we stayed in. She was carried everywhere by her siblings, depending on what had to be done in the house.


The school was closed this morning due to the heavy rain.


Rice fields.


Tam Coc, close to Ninh Binh.


Tam Coc and feet rowing.






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2 Responses to time to go

  1. Sergio says:

    Can’t wait to welcome you guys back in Europe! 🙂 Miss you a lot!

  2. pedroolita says:

    🙂 nice Sergio. We’re looking forward to see you too!
    Do zobaczenia wkrótce 🙂

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