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So we live in district 3, one of the 24 districts in Ho Chi Minh. I must say that we are quite lucky with our location as it is kind of in the heart of the city (from a geographical, not a touristy point of view). It means that to get to the touristy center (which is not our favourite, but good for food when we get tired of Vietnamese street specialties) it takes about 15 minutes by bike and to get to our jobs it is not much longer. Not too bad. The neigbourhood is quite nice as well, just by the river with nice walking paths, which is rather a rare thing here. There’s a fresh food market a hundred meters away, plenty of small shops and street food. We don’t have much contact with the neighbours, although we exchange a polite ” hello” and smiles.


So today, after an early wake up, I grabbed my camera and went outside to get some snaps of what our neighbourhood looks like. It required me to step out of my comfort zone while asking people for photos, which I truly don’t feel comfortable doing. Usually a friendly smile and a question “Can I take a photo of you?” brought a positive response, although I got a few negative ones too. Very awkward it feels. Anyway. This is what is to live on the Le Van Sy street.

After leaving the house let’s step to the left.



Until you get to the main street at least two of those guys wave at you, offering a ride. Most of them are very friendly and get you fast to your destination.


On the way, cats, dogs… birds…


… and roosters that apparently are there to be sold for the rooster fight.


You wanna breakfast? This lady will serve you a soup on these lovely comfortable baby chairs.


Vietnamese are multitasking. In here, you can buy your banh mi ( a sandwich), fix your clothes or buy new ones.


This is our ward. Ward 14. In every ward there is a police station that keeps all ward’s inhabitants in the record book.


I don’t know how hygienic it is, but I assume it’s quite fresh so you’d better buy it in the morning, before the noon heat boils it. I bought there meat a few times and we’re still alive.


On the big street. Banh mi. Always fresh. You can choose your ingredients. Generally very tasty with an egg fried for you on the spot.


This is what we are definitely going to miss. Coconut juice. Very refreshing and super nutritious and you only spend a few cents on it. 


I bought it, because the lady was very welcoming but I didn’t dare to try it yet. Anyway, it’s wrapped in a big leaf.


Another ‘banh mi lady’.


Back to our little street. The tiniest barber shop you can imagine. We always pass it by and look curiously inside. There is always a queue outside, which makes you think that it’s a good place. At the men’s barber they do your hair, beard and clean your ears.

After leaving the house let’s go to the right.


This is where Vietnamese walk, exercise and fish. There are plenty of cafes to choose from along the river.




I snapped this photo cos I don’t think I’ve ever seen this place before. It must be a new one.




I am still not sure if they fish for food or fun.


It must be a real challenge for an electrician.



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